The first floor of the library has eight (8) group study rooms.  These rooms are available for use by currently registered SHU students only as they are dedicated solely for the purpose of group study. A group is considered to be 2 or more current SHU students. THESE ROOMS ARE NOT TO BE USED BY CLAS FOR TUTORING PURPOSES.

You must use your SHU email address to book a room.

Once you finish booking your room, you will receive an email confirmation. If you do not show up within 15 minutes of the start time, your room may be given to another group. TWO OR MORE STUDENTS NEED TO BE PRESENT TO CHECK THE ROOM OUT.

You will need to leave your SHU ID with the Circulation staff.  Rooms may be reserved for 30 minute increments up to a maximum of 3 hours per group per day. 

Click here for directions to connect your laptop to the study room monitors.